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Treating Baby Cradle Cap

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This message is for Irene who sent in a comment but I inadvertently deleted it. You wanted to know about cradle cap in babies and if it was itchy. Actually it is. You can find out more at cradle cap in babies located at http://www.curlyhairsalon.com/cradle-cap.html

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Babies and Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap, while unsightly to look at, does not cause any distress to your baby, if anything, the parent, because of its unsightly appearance, feels the distress. The small flakes, usually white but occasionally yellowish or brown, resemble dandruff and are commonly found on babies scalps, although it can also affect a babies eyebrows.

Expert opinions are divided over the cause of the condition, some believing hormonal interaction between mother and baby towards the end of the pregnancy may be one cause. Do not worry if your baby does have Cradle Cap, it is commonly found in newborns and harmless, and can last for up to six months. In addition, it is not contagious in any way.

If your baby has developed Cradle Cap, you will find there are simple and effective home treatments available to help you eliminate it. However, if you later feel the home treatment is not working effectively, or if itching begins, it is advisable to take your baby to the doctors to have their scalp checked.

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