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Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s Hair “A Hot Mess?”

Hello Curly!

An interesting article that makes you think is always a good read…

I recently read this Newsweek article about Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s hair. If you don’t know she’s the adopted Ethiopian child of celebrity super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I can’t say I agree or disagree with this article simply because I didn’t find photos of Zahara’s ‘messy’ hair (yes I did a photo search). I mean yes, there were some photos where her hair was out and didn’t have extremely “defined” curls. I also saw her hair in some photos worn out and showing a bit more of her natural hair texture (perhaps without any product). It was a bit more on the kinky side.

But I thought about this author’s point of how important hair is in the black community (which is sooooo true). Chris Rock clearly addressed this in his most recent movie “Good Hair” which you can watch in theaters or view the trailer online. Perhaps Zahara’s hair may look messy to some in the black community who put A LOT of emphasis on a “neat”, “tame” hairstyle. Is Zahara’s hair really messy? Perhaps Brad and Angelina see her hair as beautiful, and love showing its natural texture without manipulation. Maybe Brad and Angelina don’t feel Zahara’s hair has to be manipulated in any way. They may love and admire her natural texture and feel that Zahara should show it off. Perhaps we in the black community need to learn to embrace our own hair texture and see it as beautiful without manipulation – whether chemically, with products or manipulated to tame it into shape.

Perhaps Zahara’s hair should have a plats, braids and clips on a regular basis to “neatly tame her hair” (yes there are photos of her with this style). Maybe Brad and Angie and others outside of the black community don’t see Zahara’s hair as ever being messy at all. They may just love Zahara’s hair just the way it is – in it’s natural state.

Sometime’s it’s all about perception and acceptance. If everyone wore their afro textured hair out in a “kinky” style and it was the most popular hairstyle worn by celebrities, those in high positions, teachers, students everywhere… I’m sure it would be a non-issue.

However I do have to agree somewhat with the author that until that time comes and to be accepted as a young black girl – like Zahara, fitting in can sometimes mean taming what’s naturally yours. It’s so unfortunate but it’s true.

I’m not even done with my thoughts on this because there is so much more to say. But leaving on this note, share your thoughts and experiences with this issue? Do you agree with this ARTICLE about Zahara Jolie-Pitt and her hair? The debate on hair continues…

Share your experiences, thoughts and opinions.

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Cassie’s New Shaved Half Head Hairdo

Gorgeous Cassie is pulling a Britney… Ok not quite. But she is sporting a shaved head. It’s def. a unique hairstyle. But I have to say, power to her. But then again, with a face like that any hairstyle would look great on her. A shaved head would look sassy and sexy on her… no doubt about it. What are your thoughts?

Check out Cassie’s new shaved hairstyle!

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Winter Hair Care Advice

Unfortunately we are no longer fighting the dreaded summer frizz but instead we have to combat the dry dull bad hair days of winter! Winter, and the cold weather, brings a whole host of new difficulties we have to try and combat if we want our hair to keep looking good. Take a look at these Winter Hair Care Tips from top stylist David Evangelista and help your hair to stay looking good throughout the winter.

In it he tells us how to stop our hair drying out, how to hydrate and moisturize it, how washing everyday can dry your hair too much and tips on keeping static low. So, have a read of the Winter Hair Care Tips and learn how to help your hair survive the winter.

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Robert Pattinson cuts his long locks

Celebrity Robert Pattinson, star of the long awaited movie Twilight in which he plays a teenage vampire, has recently waved goodbye to his signature tousled locks and has now gone for a shorter sexy haircut.

The star, who was more famous for the tousled look than his stunning bone structure, expressive eyebrows and sultry eyes, looks good in my opinion with the shorter look. What do you girls think? Which look do you prefer?

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New Survey Shows Men Prefer Long Hair

A new survey has shown that men prefer long  locks on women when it comes to hairstyles. A staggering 43% of men in the poll said that long, wavy hair is the sexiest look for women, followed by long straight hair at 13%. It is thought that long hair is traditionally linked with femininity and this is why almost half the men picked this style as the sexiest look.

Apparently perfectly groomed hair is a no-no with men preferring the natural look, and lovely shiny locks also get a big thumbs up. Over use of hair products is not liked by 79% of the men surveyed as they said they liked to run their fingers through their partner’s hair, and the men seem to prefer hair that is down, rather than in a smart up-do.

Apparently 80% of the 3000 men surveyed think you can tell a lot about a woman by her hair, but a quarter of them would not be brave enough to give an honest opinion of a new hairstyle!


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Rachel Lefevre’s Sexy Red Curls

Stunning looking actress Rachel Lefevre was seen with a sexy long curly hairstyle at the world premiere of Twilight in Westwood, California recently. Her hair, a mix of dark blonde and auburn shades looks absolutely gorgeous in a curly style like this.

The red curls really suit the Canadian born actress and her hair looks both healthy and vibrant. Whoever her stylist is they must be giving her some brilliant tips about how to keep it looking so good. The sexy red curly style is definitely a winner and wowed her fans at the premiere at the Man Village and Bruin Theatres.

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Carrie Underwood – The Girl Who Sang Her Way To The Top

It’s hard to imagine that it was only four years ago that a pretty girl, with blond curly hair, wearing a pink top and faded jeans stood outside a hotel conference room in St. Louis waiting to sing her heart out before the American Idol judges. Her unpretentious performance totally won the judges over and she eventually went on to win in spring 2005. Since winning Carrie Underwood has gone on to win three Grammys, six Academy of Country Music Awards, four (and counting) Country Music Association awards. In the charts, her first album Some Hearts has been certified platinum seven times, and Carnival Ride released in 2007, gave her the highest first week sales for any female artist and three No.1 singles.

Not bad for the girl who started singing in church at the age of three!


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